✨ Our Heroic Cases Stand OUT: Your iPhone will stand out with the one-of-a-kind cases in our store and represent your favorite inspired designs!

 📱 Laser-Cut Hole For Camera Protection: iPhone Heroic Cases have a laser-cut hole for your camera to protect from damages or scratches.

 📦 No Added Bulk or Weight: Our best-selling, iPhone Heroic Cases have a thickness of less than 0.3 inches to keep a sleek and slim feel in both your palm and pocket.

 💸 Your Heroicases Becomes A Saving For Your Wallet: Your iPhone will now have an extra layer of silicone protection from falls and drops. Phone repairs are pricey, and you shouldn't have to worry every time your phone falls without a case.

 🔋 Compatible With Wired And Wireless Charging: Our cases are still thin enough to take advantage of wireless charging. All cases also have an easy access port for Lighting Charging.