Sour Patch


¬†ūüéß You'll Never Lose Your AirPods:¬†All cases have a¬†clasping ring or hook to latch on to your bag, keychain, pants, or anywhere you'd like! And let's face it, your favorite design will stand out so you'll never lose¬†your AirPods¬†in sight.

¬†ūüď¶ Don't Worry About Falls Or Damages:¬†Our best-selling,¬†Heroic Cases will add an extra layer of protection to your AirPods to prevent scratches and most damages from falls.

 ✨ Our Heroic Cases Stand OUT: Your AirPods will stand out with our one-of-a-kind cases and represent your favorite characters, snacks, candies, superheroes, tech, and more!

¬†ūüíł Your Heroicase Becomes A Saving For Your Wallet:¬†Since your AirPods are now protected from most falls and drops, you won't have to worry about the pricey replacements¬†for your pair.¬†

¬†ūüĒč Compatible¬†With Wired¬†And Wireless Charging:¬†Our cases are thick enough to protect your AirPods but still thin enough to take advantage of wireless charging. All cases also have an easy access port for Lighting Charging.¬†